Uluru tours offer an incredible experience you might not get in most of the other travel destinations in the world. It is a unique and sacred destination where Anangu people live. They are the original and traditional people who have lived here for years. So when you visit Uluru, you also enjoy the experience of interacting with them. Whether you are visiting the place alone, with friends or family, there are many things to do here. Here are some of the many ways to enjoy your time during your Uluru tours.

Mala guided tour

One of the ways you can get a great time is by having this free walk every day from eight in the morning from October to April. It also happens from ten in the morning from May to September. The walk begins at the base of Uluru and takes an hour and a half. It also makes a distance of two kilometres. The rangers will explain the importance of the different places and get to gain more knowledge about Anangu culture, management of the park and the rock art.

Uluru cultural centre

This centre is also a major attraction of the visitors who come to Uluru. It acts as a right place where you get to be introduced about the traditions and culture of the Anangu people. Here you will learn more about the Red centre natural environment, the formation of Uluru and creation laws and stories. If you will be taking Uluru tours with your kids, they will learn more about the hand back too. With the Uluru Kat Tjuta park fees, you can access the centre for free. You can allocate about an hour to visit the centre.

Sunset viewing

In most cases, the photos of Uluru that you view every day are taken during the sunset. This happens because, during this time, the colour light up in a vibrant way. There is an area that is set where visitors view sunset inside the park. Here you can take epic photos that will remind you of your Uluru Tours – The Rock Tour in your entire life. You need to have a check at sunset times, get here early and settle down as you watch this natural even.

Kata Tjuta

Nearby Uluru there is Kata Tjuta that is also very spectacular. They are domed rocks that are elegant and so; you need to take some time during your Uluru tours and pay a visit here. Here you also have an opportunity to take great photos in addition to the ones you make at Uluru.

Swimming at Ayers Rock resort

When you visit Uluru, you can opt to stay in Ayers Rock Resort accommodation. You can also spend your time here as you camp. You will love all the activities you do in Uluru, but you will find it more relaxing to swim in the pool when it is hot during the afternoon. This is more important if you are visiting the place with your children as they will find it more enjoyable top take some time swimming.